Paper in E-JOLTS journal by Caitriona McDonagh and Bernie Sullivan.

Dr. Caitriona McDonagh and Dr. Bernie Sullivan have published the following paper in  the ‘Educational Journal of Living Theories’ (EJOLTS). You can access the whole journal here:

Living Research: How do we realise our capacity to create knowledge as we live towards our professional values in our practice? 

NEARI-meet arrives in University College Dublin (UCD)!

Our first ever NEARI-meet in UCD will take place on Saturday morning next, 16 September at 10.15 am. It will be PACKED with people sharing the story of their learning, from their  reflections and research on their practice, in our Round Robin sessions. Everyone will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue and to question assumptions!

Our theme for this meeting is: ‘Validity in Action Research’. This discussion will be led by Dr. Caitriona McDonagh.

Our meeting will take place in the Sutherland School of Law, Belfield campus, see Building 73 on the map below.

Details and bookings at