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Image of book "action research for the classroom' Glenn, M., Sullivan, B., Roche, M. and McDonagh, C. (2023) Action Research for the Classroom: A Guide to Values-Based Research in Practice.Published by Routledge. 

IES Journal

Sullivan, B., McDonagh, C., Connolly, C., Glenn, M and Roche, M. (2022) Exploring trans-generational and trans-institutional learning: educational action research possibilities in a virtual environment, Irish Educational Studies, DOI: 10.1080/03323315.2022.2043175


book Sullivan, B., Roche, M., Glenn, M., McDonagh, C. (2021) “Practitioner Enquiry and Action Research for Teacher Well-being”. Chapter 2 in P. Mannix McNamara and T. Murphy International Perspectives on Teacher Well-being and Diversity: Portals into Innovative Classroom Practice.
book Roche, M. (2021) “Climate Change, Picturebooks and Primary School Children”. Chapter 6 in R. Dolan (ed)Teaching Climate Change in Primary Schools: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Glenn, M (2021) What Is the Educational Influence of My Engagement With EJOLTs (Educational Journal of Living Theories)?, ? Educational Journal of Living Theories, vol. 14, pp. 50-67, 2021
earj Glenn, M. (2021) “Extending Knowledge by Developing a ‘Slow Approach’ to Action Research”. Educational Action Research Journal.
EJOLTS 2020 Glenn, M. Co-convening the Network of Educational Action Research Ireland (NEARI), Educational Journal of Living Theories, vol. 13, pp. 22-44
2020 Enhancing Practice through Classroom Research: A Teacher’s Guide to Professional Development, 2nd Edition By Caitriona McDonaghMary RocheBernie SullivanMáirín Glenn Published by Routledge
EJOLTs 2017 McDonagh, C. and Sullivan, B.Living Research: How do we realise our capacity to create knowledge as we live towards our professional values in our practice?Educational Journal of Living Theories, vol. 10, pp. 26-42.

2017 Learning Communities in Educational Partnerships: Action Research as Transformation by Máirín Glenn, Mary Roche, Caitriona McDonagh, Bernie Sullivan published by Bloomsbury Publishing


2016 Introduction to Critical Reflection and Action for Teacher Researchers by Bernie Sullivan, Máirín Glenn, Mary Roche and Caitriona McDonagh published by Routledge

2015  Developing Children’s Critical Thinking through Picturebooks:  A guide for primary and early years students and teachers by Mary Roche published by Routledge.


2012 Learning Communities: Partnerships in Action

Presentation to Hibernia College School Partnership Conference (2012), Dublin. November 30th

2012 Enhancing Practice through Self-Study Action Research

A presentation to the International Professional Development Association (IPDA),Dublin, November 24, 2012


2012 Enhancing Practice through Professional Development: A teachers’ guide to classroom research by Caitriona McDonagh, Mary Roche, Bernie Sullivan, Mairin Glenn published by Routledge


earj 2011 Developing holistic practice through reflection, action and theorising, Educational Action Research, 19(4),489-502 Glenn, M. 
earj 2011 Creating a Dialogical and Critical Classroom: Reflection and Action to
Improve Practice
, Educational Action Research, 19(3), 327–43 Roche, M.


2012  Practice-based Research Encompassing Professional Development Project

This research project,which was commissioned by the Teaching Council of Ireland is school-based, and grounded in teacher self-evaluation whereby teachers acknowledge the core values informing their practice and test how these values are lived out daily in their professional practice within their classroom work.

2010  Communities of Learning and Professional Development

Presentation to Irish National Teachers Organisation INTO Education ConferenceNovember 19th -30th

2007 Towards a living theory of caring pedagogy: interrogating my practice to nurture a critical, emancipatory and just community of enquiry
Mary Roche’s PhD thesis (University of Limerick)

2006 A  Living Theory of a Practice of Social Justice: Realising the Right of Traveller Children to Educational Equality
Bernie Sullivan’s PhD thesis (University of Limerick)

2000 How can I improve my teaching of pupils with specific learning difficultiein the area of language

2000 How can I improve my practice so as to help my pupils to philosophise?
Mary Roche’s M.A. Thesis  (University of the West of England, Bristol)






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