NEARI-meet ESAI April 2017

As NEARI, we accepted the kind invitation to run our April 2017 NEARI-meet alongside the Educational Studies Association of Ireland (ESAI) annual conference in UCC with delight. ESAI17 was a highly stimulating conference and many members from the NEARI network presented papers at it.

Our NEARI-meet was chaired excellently by Cornelia Connolly from DkIT, who kept everyone on task with gentle nudge and a sharp eye on the clock.

The session opened with Bernie Sullivan’s thought provoking presentation on values and their role in the research process. Below are the slides from Bernie’s presentation as well as a video clip from it.

Following a lively discussion on values and how sometimes, people can experience conflicting values in their everyday practice, Muireann O’Keeffe spoke about her recent studies on the use of Twitter for professional learning. The discussion was of great interest not only to people who already were using Twitter but also to the non-Tweeters in the subsequent discussion around the ideas that underpin Twitter for professional learning. Muireann’s presentation and a video snippet from it are available below:

Mary Roche spoke about some self-study action research she and Molly Daly have carried out in MIC St. Patrick’s Campus, Thurles where they examined their practice in relation to a team-teaching and PBL approach to their Education Foundations module. Mary and Molly hope to present a paper on this work at the forthcoming TEPE conference in MIC.

Our final input of the day was given by Jane O’Connell. Jane told everyone about our friends in the Collaborative Action Research Network, CARN and encouraged people to become members. Jane is a member of the CARN co-ordinating group and described eloquently what CARN is and how people can participate. See more about CARN at

The next NEARI-meet will take place in September in Dublin.

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