NEARIMeet 24 April 2020

The first online NEARIMeet took place on April 24, 2020 and all at NEARI would like to thank Cornelia Connolly for her wizardry and help with our move online.

There was a different ambience to the meeting. There were some aspects that we missed from the face-to-face session but there were also many positive aspects to it too. We were particularly fond of the visit from two lovely small visitors, Eoghan and Timothy who helped Colette with her presentation. We were also impressed with Dean, who spotted his herd of cattle escaping from the field. He managed to dash out to stop them, corral them back into their field and still return to NEARIMeet unruffled.

It was an auspicious occasion also because the launch of the new Values Based Practitioner Action Research (VPAR) Special Interest Group (SIG) in conjunction with ESAI took place.

The NEARIMeet began with the reading of our ethics statement:

Then we had a reading which was selected, read and reflected on, by Pip Bruce Ferguson. Pip chose:

The Growth of Educational Knowledge: Creating Your Own Living Educational Theories  by Jack Whitehead (1993)
Hyde Publications, Dorset.

Creating a Good Social Order Through Action Research
by Jean McNiff, Moira Laidlaw, Jack Whitehead and members of the Bath Action Research Group (1999),
Hyde Publications, Dorset.


There was some interesting conversation around Pip’s video:

Bernie Sullivan and Caitriona McDonagh then officially launched the new Values Based Practitioner Action Research (VPAR) Special Interest Group (SIG) in conjunction with ESAI. VPAR continues to welcome new members and details can be found here. 

The theme of the NEARIMeet was Action Research in Challenging Times and Bernie Sullivan and Caitriona McDonagh gave a thought-provoking, discursive presentation on the theme.

The discussion around the theme took place in breakout rooms and there are some snippets from some of the rooms here:

The first Round Robin presentation at this NEARIMeet was given by Colette Saunders. Colette’s presentation was around her studies on her role as a volunteer activist in an Early Years education setting. She alerted people to the injustices that exist in this system and her journey as an activist.

Colette’s slides:

The second Round Robin was presented by Mags Amond, who used subtitles to make her presentation more accessible. Mags outlined her dilemma with her study on Teachmeets, the cessation of face-to-face meetings and her insights into the pivot to online meetings.

Mags’s slides:


Other videos and slides used during NEARIMeet 24 April 2020:

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