Network for Educational Action Research in Ireland (NEARI)


NEARI is a network for action researchers who are new to action research, as well as those who are working on action research projects along with some who are life-long action researchers.

NEARI is an independent, unfunded and non-affiliated network for practitioners at all levels of education and it aims towards  developing action research scholarship and practice. It  was established by members of Educational Action Research Ireland (

NEARI supports people to reflect critically on their work. It encourages people to look to the educational values that underpin their practice and to work towards living these value in their practice so as to enhance it.

NEARI is for all educational action researchers, whether beginners or lifelong researchers. It is a platform for sharing research stories and provides opportunities for personal and critical engagement as well as for resource sharing, It links action researchers within Ireland and with the broader global action research communities. Please check the NEARI Ethics Statement at

NEARI people come together to share the story of their learning in various institutions three times a year and these meetings (NEARIMeets) are held at the goodwill of hosting institutions and members. The members of the network are mainly people who are involved in self-study action research and/or practitioner research. They communicate regularly through their discussion group and website.

Web site Network for Educational Action Research Ireland

Contact NEARI at or on Twitter @InfoNeari

Discussion Group:

The aim of this network is:

  • to contribute to the greater good and growth of educational knowledge by sharing our research stories and useful resources
  • to provide encouragement and support for action researchers in conducting rigorous and evidence based work,
  • to provide opportunities for personal and critical engagement through networking and resource sharing,
  • to link action researchers in Ireland with the broader global action research communities
  • to build an action research platform to enhance learning and teaching in educational contexts and in teacher education.

See details from NEARIMeets here.


Contact NEARI at or on Twitter @InfoNeari

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