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We are four teachers in Ireland, who have undertaken research into our practice. We believe, like Russell (1932) and Dewey (1966),in the importance of education as a lifelong process that has the capacity to confer on participants liberatory and life-enhancing experiences.

We believe that the articulation of our living theories (Whitehead, 1989) that have emerged from our action research invetigations into our workplace practices can have implications for other practitioners who choose to engage in self study.

Our doctoral theses are the narrative accounts of our research programmes that has enabled us to make our original claims to knowledge. We explain our self-study action research methodology as a living transformational process. Our findings about our pupils’ and our own learning offer new conceptualisations about the capacity of pupils to learn in their own ways

We articulate how our ontological values are transformed through their emergence into the living standards of judgment by which we evaluate the educational influence in learning of our developing practice

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