NEARIMeet 1 October 2022

Everyone at NEARI was delighted to welcome Prof. Lesley Wood to the Autumn NEARIMeet on 1 October 2022. She outlined her thoughts on An ethical, inclusive and sustainable framework for community-based research in higher education in an exciting and thought-provoking presentation:

Lesley Wood: Part 1

Lesley Wood: Part 2

Lesley Wood: Part3

A stimulating conversation followed:

The conversation following Lesley Wood’s presentation at NEARIMeet 1 October 2022

Miranda Neethling then gave a powerful presentation on her research on relationship strategies to improve behaviour in some secondary schools in South Africa.

Miranda Neethling’s presentation NEARI 1 October 2022

Conversation arising from Miranda Neethling’s presentation at NEARIMeet.

The meeting continued with Jane O’Toole’s thought-provoking presentation, followed by stimulating conversation:

The NEARIMeet concluded with updates from the Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN), the Educational Journal of Living Theories (EJOLTs) and the Action Research Group of Ireland (ARGI).


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