Notes from NEARIMeet 1 April 2023

The Spring NEARIMeet on 1 April 2023 took place in Stranmillis University College, Belfast as well as being online. It took place after at the close of the Educational Studies Association of Ireland (ESAI) Conference 2023. We at NEARI are very thankful to Stranmillis and ESAI for providing us with the facilities to hold our Spring meeting.

Our first input for the day was from Tomás Ó Ruairc. His input was in the form of a conversation and was thought-provoking and stimulating:

The second presenter for the event, Michelle Vaughan joined us from Florida Atlantic University in the US. Michelle inspired everyone with the insights she gained from negotiating the relationship between her values and her practice.



NEARI are very thankful to Tomás and Michelle for their stimulating contribution to the NEARIMeet.

Jane O’Toole gave an update from CARN. She reminded everyone that the CARN Annual Conference will be held at the Friends’ Meeting House in Manchester in the UK in October 2023. The CARN Virtual Conference will be held online from 6th to 13th May 2023.

The Educational Journal of Living Theories (EJOLTs) is available at EJOLTs welcomes accounts of values-based research in practice which make a contribution to the flourishing of humanity.

The Action Research Networks of the Americas ARNA is holding a virtual day of celebration on June 21st/2nd. The Youth Participatory Action Research group is now growing. Contact for more details.

The meeting concluded with a discussion around the development of the NEARI SIG. The SIG is affiliated to the Educational Studies Assocaition of Ilreland (ESAI) and its aims are

  • strengthening the rigour of action research for accreditation and enhancing institutional standards
  • ethical issues, in particular on how current ethical standards in educational institutions may impede the undertaking of practitioner action research.
  • continuing the work of NEARI as a foundation for action research discourse.

NEARI welcomes all contributions to discussions pertaining to the aims of the SIG.




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