Spring NEARIMeet 2 April 2022 (online)

Spring NEARIMeet

Spring NEARIMeet

The Spring NEARIMeet will take place on 2nd April 2022 at 10.00 am online. The guest speaker speaker at the event will be Prof. Jack Whitehead.

You may book a place for this event via Eventbrite or by emailing NEARI at info@eari.ie.

Jack Whitehead is a Visiting Professor at the University of Cumbria. He is a former President of the British Educational Research Association and Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Westminster College, Utah. He is a Visiting Professor at Ningxia University in China. He is a member of the editorial board of the Educational Journal of Living Theories (EJOLTS – http://ejolts.net/node/80 ). Since 1973 his research programme has focused on the creation of the living educational theories that individual’s use to improve their practice and explain their educational influences in their workplaces.

His original contributions to knowledge have focused on enquiries of the kind, ‘How do I improve what I am doing in my workplace?’ These contributions can be accessed from his web-site at http://www.actionresearch.net . His recent research has focused on the use of digitalized video-data in explanations of educational influences in continuing professional development in a range of workplaces.

You can access many of his writings from 1967-2020 at: https://www.actionresearch.net/writings/writing.shtml

You can access his contribution to the 2021 Symposium at the American Educational Research Association on  ‘Accepting Educational Responsibility: Building Living Theory Cultures of Educational Inquiry in global contexts.’ at: https://www.actionresearch.net/writings/aera21/2021aerasymposiumfull.pdf




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