A joy and delight from a distant viewer

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What  a joy I had this afternoon on a grey day in Tauranga, being able to listen and view the very pertinent and stimulating keynote by Mary McAteer, and following group discussion. Sadly, I will have to save viewing the Round Robins for another day, but I cannot stress strongly enough how much joy I got seeing the familiar (and new) faces as you all “virtually met”. It would not be at all a user-friendly time for me to zoom in from New Zealand so I spared you my muzzy thinking and night attire!

Such excellent questions asked – I remember the delight I first felt when reading Sandra Harding’s “The Science Question and Feminism” when studying for my Masters degree. Its emphasis on the decidedly NOT value-free objective approach in scientific research  was enlightening, and totally backs what Mary said in her introductory talk.

The group discussion also raised fascinating questions, such as the tension between personal and work values and expectations, what constitutes the “we”, and whether and how we teach reflection. I am always mindful of, and have often quoted, Robbie Burns’ words: “Ah, wad some pow’r the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us. It wud frae mony a blunder free us, an’ foolish notion!” (To a Louse – yes, really!)

I very much look forward to watching the Round Robins when I have more spare time, and warmly thank all who participated – particularly those responsible for loading up the day’s events. One of the benefits of Zoom meetings is that I could see “old” friends up close in a way that doesn’t happen in videoed large groups. Stay safe, friends, and I hope people in Ireland take this virus as seriously as we have in New Zealand. We still have very few deaths – 25 I think.

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One comment on “A joy and delight from a distant viewer
  1. Hi Pip,

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed all you have experienced of our Autumn NEARIMeet! We will have to schedule one that you can actually attend in real time.

    The discussions were amazing and the questions still resonate with me.

    Wishing you good health and best wishes,


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