Notes from Winter NEARIMeet, 18 January 2020 in CIT, Cork

Cork had bedecked herself in a beautiful glittering cloak of silver frost for the Winter NEARIMeet. It was NEARI’s first trip to Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) in Cork. A sparkly morning gave a little hint of the fantastic educational gems that lay in store for us in CIT. Unfortunately, the icy roads also meant that some people were  unable to travel.

The business of the day began with comforting teas and coffees to help everyone thaw out and get to know one another. NEARI are hugely grateful to Jane Leonard and Tom O’Mahony from CIT who made everyone feel so welcome!

We began with out usual hellos and the acknowledgement of our ethical statement. Bernie Sullivan shared her current favourite reading with us which is the Foreword to Enhancing Practice through Classroom Research:A Teacher’s Guide to Professional Development, 2nd Edition by Caitriona McDonagh, Mary Roche, Bernie Sullivan and Máirín Glenn. The Foreword was written by Stephen Brookfield and it set the tone for our critical reflection for the day.

Our first Round Robin input was from Jennifer Kelly who shared her ideas with everyone about leveraging action research for maximum impact. Jennifer drew on her extensive experience in the field of research and gave people and opportunity to discuss her ideas. 


This session was followed by Jane O’Connell’s inspirational input on her ideas on her doctoral research on her Is Tusa an Múinteoir project. Jane joined the NEARIMeet via Skype. Again, Jane’s input sparked the educational imagination of those listening.



Jane, who is on the executive committee of the Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN), gave us an update on recent CARN activities as well as forthcoming events and conferences.


Mary Roche then gave her interactive keynote keynote presentation on the theme of Research to make a difference. Her wonderful input, as well as the ensuing dialogue, nearly caused us to put lunch break on hold!


After lunch, it was Seán Óg Ó Duinnín’s turn to share his critical refections about his practice with everyone. His questions to himself and to those present generated huge amounts of dialogue – as well as more questions.


The NEARIMeet drew to a close with drawing up plans for the future and wishing everyone well in their studies.


Snippets from the day’s keynote presentation, the Round Robins and conversations in between can be found below.


Bernie Sullivan’s reading for the day


Máirín Glenn welcoming everyone and reading NEARI’s ethical statement.

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Jane O’Connell’s Round Robin slides


Mary Roche’s interactive keynote (Part 1)

Mary Roche’s interactive keynote (Part 2)

Seán Óg Ó Duinnín’s Round Robin presentation

Jennifer Kelly’s Round Robin Presentation

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Jennifer Kelly’s slides

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