Highlights of NEARImeet 23 April 2016 at NUIG

The last NEARI-meet was held in NUIG. It began with the usual informal coffees and chats. But, by 11.00 am Máire Ní Riordáin was leading a highly engaging conversation around ‘Communicating action research to others’.

These are Máire Ní Riordáin’s slides for the discussion on ‘Communicating action research to others’

Our Round Robin session was about sharing our research stories and was kicked off by a very stimulating presentation by Jane O’Connell. Joe McDonagh followed up with his insightful presentation. The final Round Robin of the day was presented by Fiona Dunne. Links to snippets of these presentations are available below.

After lunch, Jack Whitehead joined the meeting via Skype who discussed the nuanced nature of action research with the group and highlighted how the epistemology of action research is distinctive.

We discussed how can share expertise in the area of living theory and self-study action research via Skype, Padlet (https://padlet.com/marygtroche/t4d1r9ywxxe7), the NEARI Group Mail at https://groups.google.com/d/forum/neari-group and Twitter at @InfoNeari and of course here on our blog at https://eariblog.edublogs.org/

The final part of the day was dedicated to discussing future plans.

Our next NEARImeet will take place on September 17, 2016 in NUIM, Maynooth.

Snippets from NEARImeet 23 April:

from Jane O’Connell

Joe McDonagh

Fiona Dunne 1

Fiona Dunne 2

Skype conversation with Jack Whitehead

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