Ernie Stringer on some participatory research in an Aboriginal context

This is a segment of a Skype conversation from October 1st. It shows Ernie Stringer explaining his work in a participatory research project with an Aboriginal group in Australia. It focuses on a Breakfast Club that encourages school attendance for Aboriginal children.
Thank you to Ernie for giving us permission to share his video clip with the Network of Educational Action Research in Ireland (NEARI), and to Jack Whitehead for recording the conversation.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 15.08.45
Pip Bruce Ferguson and Ernie Stringer with Jack Whitehead

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One comment on “Ernie Stringer on some participatory research in an Aboriginal context
  1. really enjoyed this. what beautiful , meaningful books to have created for that community. i use scrapbooking in my work with resource children and at the end of the year the thing they always want to be sure to take home is their scrapbook. it’s their work,their words and their world. very powerful way of improving literacy and promoting self directed learning. if i ran a school the glossy, hyper colourful, culturally irrelevant, overpriced textbooks would go out the window!

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