Establishing a new network

Yesterday, the inaugural meeting of the Network for Educational Action Research in Ireland took place in a flurry of excitement, trepidation and heart-felt delight. It was a pleasure to be in the company of so many people who were of, or had an interest in being of, an ‘action-resercherly’ disposition. Stories of the magic of and, indeed, the pitfalls of self-study action research were shared as victory narratives were cast aside, and an amazing sharing of theory and stories of learning took place.

I am already looking forward to our next meeting…

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3 comments on “Establishing a new network
  1. I really enjoyed the Action Research Network day. It was really good to refresh my knowledge on action research and to meet other interested practitioners.

  2. I agree, Teresa, that it was a really enhancing experience to meet up and discuss ideas around action research with like-minded people. I’m not sure to what extent you have engaged with action research prior to this, but I was wondering if you consider values to be an important part of the process? For example, would you feel that it might be a good starting point to reflect on one’s educational values to determine if one is living to those values for the purpose of identifying an area for improvement in one’s practice?

  3. Looking forward to meeting anyone who comes to National College of Ireland for our NEARI event this Saturday.
    Meanwhile, just came across this interesting article on blogging
    Might give some ideas to teachers doing research into their practice. My Waikato University colleague Dr Alison Campbell writes a very good intermittent blog on her Biology lecturing,
    I must confess I haven’t got into blogging myself but I do enjoy reading the blogs of others, particularly when they’re thoughtful and considered rather than ‘rants’!

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