Forthcoming – International Research Methods Summer School

IRMSS Conference Schedule

This conference may be of interest to anyone engaged in education research. The programme includes a symposium by a group from St Pats Thurles which may be of particular interest to students in ITE.

In Year 3 the student teachers in St Pats Thurles identified an area of concern to them, arising from their year 2 and 3 School Placements. They then undertook a review of the literatures surrounding the conceptual frameworks of their area of study so as to deepen their understanding of their area of concern. In Year 4, in order to try and improve their teaching in relation to this area of concern, they carried out a small scale self study action research project during their final school placement. The research was conducted in collaboration with several critical friends – including pupils, cooperating teachers, tutors and peers.

Three of the student teachers will present their work at the IRMSS accompanied by Dr Mary Roche and Dr Jennifer Johnston from the St Pats Thurles Education Department.

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